Post and telephone

Post offices are marked with a yellow ‘HP’ sign. There you can make phone calls, buy postcards, stamps, phone cards and send letters, packages and faxes abroad.

You can phone from post offices or from telephone booths. Telephone booths can be found almost everywhere. Booths are operated by phone cards (telefonska kartica) which may be bought at news-stands or in post offices. there are phone cards of 15, 30, 50, 100 kn. Unfortunately you cannot use international phonecards and there is no discount when you use the telephone booths. Country Direct Services work for the USA, Canada, UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Telephone booths have instructions in foreign languages, so they can be used with ease. It is much cheaper to phone from the post office.

Important numbers :

  • to call abroad – first dial 00, then country code
  • to Croatia – after the exit code dial: 385
  • Zagreb area code: (0) 1
  • Rijeka area code:  (0) 51
  • Osijek area code:  (0) 31
  • Split area code:     (0) 21
  • emergency: 112
  • police: 92
  • firemen:  93
  • ambulance: 94
  • road assistance: 987
  • phone number information: 988
  • collect calls abroad (operator): 901