Food & drinks

Croatian meals are a mixture of Mediterranean and Continental cuisine. You may find some meals similar to yours, or something completely different that you won’t find anywhere except in Croatia.
If you decide to go to a restaurant to have dinner, be prepared to pay a price somewhat higher than you might expect, but it will surely be a real pleasure for you to choose among all the kinds of fish and meat dishes, as well as other delicious meals. Recommended Croatian meals are (listed according to their regional origin): štrukli (pastry filled with cottage cheese, boiled in an onion soup or baked),orehnjača (walnut roll), purica s mlincima (turkey with boiled dough), janjetina s ražnja (roasted lamb on the spit), krumpir ispod peke (potato baked under a coal covered pot), paški sir (goat cheese from the island of Pag), dalmatinska pašticada (veal in a special, tasty sauce), čobanac (stew made of various kinds of meat), fiš-paprikaš (river fish stew), kulen (paprika flavored sausage).
Of course, here you may also find numerous restaurants offering international (e.g. Italian, French, Chinese) cuisine. We hope that you will be satisfied. Most of you, as well as other students in Croatia, will go to the students’ restaurants, numerous pizzerias, hamburger and other fast-food places. Of course, you will have to try ‘our’ (actually oriental) fast food: ćevapčići (or just: ćevapi) and burek.  There’s much to say about drinks. The first Croatian word most visiting students learn is ‘pivo‘ (beer). You can choose between several Croatian (e.g. KarlovačkoOžujsko, dark Tomislav) and imported beers. There is a large offer of wines. In the northwestern part of the country (where Zagreb is situated), there are many sorts of wines, which are popular, but very sour. So we suggest you try wines from the coastal region (e.g. Malvasia, Merlot and Teran from Istria, and Babić, Kaštelet, Postup, Dingač, Pošip, Debit and Zlatni Plavac from Dalmatia) or Slavonian wines (Traminac, Frankovka and Graševina from Kutjevo). Among spirits the most popular are loza (grape brandy) and pelinkovac(bitter wormwood flavoured liqueur).
Last but not least: tap water is drinkable anywhere in Croatia.