Links to visit

Here are some links where you can read more about Croatia, and where you can find some guides when exploring towns & places…

First, you should visit our gallery and search for a place where you want to go. With a little luck, trainees that were here last years have allready been there and left some good photos on gallery.

Croatian National Tourist Board site

Art, festivals, exhibitions in Croatia

Pages about Croatia on our top level domain site

A page with lots of pictures from all around Croatia

  • – here you can find interactive maps and photos of the cities, national and natural parks and waterfalls in Croatia and Slovenia.

Pages for finding streets and adresses in Croatia

  • Vip navigatorHow to search for places, towns, streets in VIP navigator: First click the link, then under the map, choose the location you’re looking for (Odabir lokacije). When ‘Naselje‘ is selected, you can look for town or place. Just insert the name of the place in ‘Naziv‘ box and hit ‘Traži‘ button.

    When looking for an address, select ‘Adresu‘ and boxes for selecting town (Grad), street (Ulica) and house number (Kućni broj) will apear below. If you see ‘Nepostojeća adresa‘, it means that there is no such address (if you typed the wrong letter or house number) or they don’t have it in the map by that name.

  • T-Com city maps
    Insert place (Upišite mjesto), and/or street (i/ili ulicu) and house number (i kućni broj) you are looking for and hit Enter or ‘Traži‘ button.

For those of you who like numbers:

Some info on non-croatian pages: